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Legal issues

This project adheres to a lawful coverage of all profiles of individuals and entities under U.S. laws and cites only responsible Russian and English language (or other global) sources that have names of real authors, publication dates, online links or are otherwise publicly available through libraries and other means. We clearly indicate our sources through hyper-links in the reference files on our sites and our publications always have a date and an author. We seek to publish only trustworthy information for the benefit of public interest and to educate policy-makers and wider civil society. For more on this see our goals.

In case allegations from the media and publicly available investigations about Underminers have been clearly disputed by individuals or entities in question, or their legal representatives or by any court procedures and are easily and publicly available, we try to clearly indicate those references in our materials to demonstrate existing differences in opinions on the same subject matter. We believe that the public deserves to know all existing differences on issues and people of public interest, unless they have been specifically prohibited by Western courts as libelous or unlawful. In that case references to court verdicts will be made, if they are publicly available.

If you find an omission or other genuine mistake in our publications, please contact us and we will promptly change or remove it if the information is indeed reflected incorrectly, we also issue a corrective statement on our resources.

Otherwise our publications are protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and other applicable laws. If there are frivolous libel allegations or other actions sponsored by kleptocrats to intimidate freedom of speech, they will be rebuked and made available for public and law enforcement scrutiny.