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Project “Underminers” has been carried out by a group of investigative journalists and activists from 2016 under the auspices of Free Speech LLC, an US-based entity registered in 2013. At that time the entity started its work with support of Russian film-makers of the film “Pussy versus Putin” with translations and distribution in the West.

Project “Underminers” is supported by a non-profit organization Free Russia Foundation, large part of the work is executed on a voluntary basis or for minimal pay by activists, mostly Russian-speaking experts that now live in Europe and USA.

We hope that our project will disseminate responsible information about Underminers from post-Soviet countries operating in the West and will assist in implementation of the new policy of containment of kleptocratic regimes.

More details on goals, experts, definitions and methodology, support of the project with information and money, and contacts can be looked up on relevant pages of this site.