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Report: Hybrid Analytica: Pro-Kremlin Expert Propaganda in Moscow, Europe and the U.S.

This report was originally published by the Institute of Modern Russia in October 2018. It is written by Dr. Kateryna Smagliy, with a contribution from Ilya Zaslavskiy.

The report examines the structure of Kremlin’s propaganda-related institutions and their connections with Western and Russian academia, as well as their co-optation into the pool of proxy communicators for the Putin regime. The authors conclude that the current Russian government pursues a coherent “knowledge weaponization” strategy.

Information warfare aims to influence decision-making in the West in a way that would validate the interests of the ruling Russian kleptocracy.

The report details how Kremlin-linked think tanks design ideological doctrines and how Kremlin sympathizers promote pro-Kremlin propaganda narratives in the West.

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Report: How to Select Russian Oligarchs for New Sanctions?

This study seeks to explore and open the debate on how existing criteria for sanctioning Russian oligarchs can be used and interpreted and what new criteria can be added to current and future sanctions by the U.S. The report is illustrated with examples of individual oligarchs and their relevant links to the criteria.

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